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  My name is Lysianne Malilibakren. I am 30 years old and the single mother of Dylan, who will reach 2 years in September. I live in the Pacific Region, in Port-Vila, capital of the republic of Vanuatu, where I was born and raised.d I am presently jobless due to the

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Port Vila, Vanuatu

[01] Ikkana – Breast and Cervical Cancer Detection Association

Maybe you already heard about IKKANA Cancer Society, you might have met the team during pink October this year at the Seafront exhibition. IKKANA was triggered back in 2017 by Max ALBERT who after enduring a rough and senseful time when his own mother got sick decided to

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Malampa, Vanuatu


Capital City football Club is a new soccer team in Port-Vila, Vanuatu, launched in 2020. The Club is promoting sports for young ones. It is incorporate as a company limited by guarantee, a non-profit organization. The board aims at offering young people in Port Vila urban

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Port Vila, Vanuatu

TEDx event Vanuatu 2021

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Port Vila, Vanuatu


VBTC is supporting the initiative launched by the Vila central Hospital (VCH) to raise funds for new incubators for the Child intensive care unit. With the increasing population of over 300,000 people demand for more space and equipment at the VCH is very high and currently

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, Vanuatu


Let’s help Halison ! Halison is an incredible little boy!  This 8 years, bold, school boy is originally from Pentecost in Vanuatu. After a tumor operation, he was left blind. Joyful and curious, he loves going to French School where he is attending year 2 (CE1). He has

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Port Vila, Vanuatu