Using the platform RAISE is very easy !

If you want to back a campaign, just select the campaign you have chosen to help, indicate how much you wish to give and fill up the application with your payment solution. It is safe !

If you want to fundraise for a project just fill up the questionnaires below and  contact us, our project managers will guide you to make your campaign successful.

If you want to sponsor, as a business, one many campaigns, we will help you give awareness to your actions and the values you carry. Our team will guide you to join our regular sponsors.

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How to make your crowdfunding campaign a success ?

Before even considering registering a project on a crowdfunding platform, it is recommended to ask yourself a few questions.

Those 10 key points will serve as a compass to measure the maturity of your project.

You will thus put all the chances on your side to succeed in your bet.

1 / Am I determined to follow through with the action I plan to take? Do I have the desire and the time necessary to fully embark on this adventure?

2 / Have I tested my idea with those around me and received enthusiastic feedback? Have I been asked relevant questions to which I still need to find the answers?

3 / Is it a simple idea or have I already taken steps to start my project? For example, did I ask for quotes, did I prospect for possible sponsors, etc.

4 / Do I have a precise idea of the help I need to have to carry out the project?

5 / Have I questioned other people who have led this type of project about the opportunities and challenges to be met?

6 / Have I questioned other people who have used a crowdfunding platform? (Knowing that RAISE can put you in touch with other members of the community of project leaders to have their testimony).

7 / What would be the consequences if I did not manage to raise the total amount necessary? Would my project be viable and to what extent?

8 / What could I offer to future sponsors to give visibility to their generosity?

9 / What could I do to communicate well about my project: presentation text, photos or short video for example?

10 / How do I plan to report the results of my action to those who have supported me?

Good luck and do not forget that we are at your side to help you!

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