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BLOSSOM YOUTH TRAINING CENTER is a great new initiative launched at the doors of Port Vila, the Capital of Vanuatu, in the beautiful side of Teouma. Inspired by an accomplished Ni Vanuatu woman entrepreneur, BLOSOM gathers young people willing to acquire some new skills, build some self confidence, and…stay out of trouble. Thanks to Rona and the team, and some help of you guys 🙂 a great workshop area can be created for those young people to discover what they want to do and who they want to be. Join in !

Blossom Youth Training Centre in Téouma

by Raise Vanuatu

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Téouma, Efate, Vanuatu

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Rona GARAI LOLOVURU is an accomplished woman entrepreneur. She now wants to share her life and career experience with the young Ni-vanuatu.  Founder and  sole trader of OILS OF PARADISE, she launched, with others, the association “BLOSSOM YOUTH TRAINING CENTER” in February 2020.

Their objective is to bring together young people of all  ages in a community. It is important especially for those who struggle to put their lives on a good track. They find support, participate in activities and draw goals. They are helped to work on their mindset. They learn to be resilient and strengthen their  leadership. In spite of the influence of young people in the face of alcohol and all forms of drugs, BLOSSOM rescues them out and offers opportunities. BLOSSOM will help those who which to volunteer or work on projects in their own island.

Let’s not leave one aside for a brighter future !

BLOSSOM needs your support  for 550,000 vt to meet its needs for training materials.

What you will this money help buying ?  Tools, sewing machine, and some more furniture and stationery supplies.

Open doors will be regularly  organized so everyone can see the workshops growing.  RAISE team as usual will give you updates on the projects.

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous 5,000 Vt December 15, 2020
Anonymous 1,000 Vt November 21, 2020