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Maybe you already heard about IKKANA Cancer Society, you might have met the team during pink October this year at the Seafront exhibition.

IKKANA was triggered back in 2017 by Max ALBERT who after enduring a rough and senseful time when his own mother got sick decided to do something to help women be screened and medically take care in all islands of the archipelago.

IKKANA powered a strong network of volunteers and professional as midwives, doctors, nurses working together to bring awareness about breast and cervical cancer in all 83 islands including remote places that have very little access to medical care.

Max’s approach is to contact the local communities, create a bond and organize a program of awareness and screening. Since 2017, 2548 women have been tested and for some treated.

This program needs support to thrive.

Let’s fight breast and cervical cancer in Vanuatu. In order to organise this program, Ikkana needs to help. Let’s raise together 850 000 vt.

Supported Ikkana now !

[01] Ikkana – Breast and Cervical Cancer Detection Association

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Breast and cervical cancer can be prevented more easily the sooner you detect it, but it is not always easy to get access to detection facilities.

This campaign aims at providing detection capabilities in the Malampa province for all neighbouring people.


  • 15-10-2020

    Our project is live for donations !

    Help us bring access to this important part of prevention to more areas in Vanuatu.

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous 50,000 Vt October 28, 2021
Anonymous 1,469 Vt October 28, 2021
Anonymous 4,000 Vt October 27, 2021
Anonymous 4,000 Vt October 27, 2021
Anonymous 4,000 Vt October 27, 2021
Anonymous 8,000 Vt October 27, 2021
Anonymous 1,000 Vt October 13, 2021
Anonymous 5,000 Vt November 23, 2020
Anonymous 5,000 Vt November 21, 2020
Anonymous Vt November 16, 2020
Anonymous 5,000 Vt October 20, 2020