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Let’s help Halison !

Halison is an incredible little boy!  This 8 years, bold, school boy is originally from Pentecost in Vanuatu. After a tumor operation, he was left blind. Joyful and curious, he loves going to French School where he is attending year 2 (CE1). He has just started learning Braille and wishes to continue going to The Learning Centre every lunchtime and afternoon. While his Mom is at work, he can enjoy some time with his friends, play and learn in a safe environment under loving care.

The Learning Centre is offering, for the third year, a full scholarship for Halison’s lunchtime and afterschool care. They now needs to upgrade the premises to provide more spaces and activities geared for him (as adapted sports such as ping-pong, music, Braille and French lessons.)

Many generous businesses are contributing to the project : Vila Distribution, Vancorps Constructions, Thai Viet Hardware, Groovy Banana. Today The Learning Center needs more contributions to be ready for the new school year.


What is The Learning Centre (TLC)?

TLC is an independent school offering a bilingual preschool, lunchtime and after school care for students at the Lycee Francais Port Vila. The Learning Centre was started in April 2019 by Carla Verbeke, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who has lade Vanuatu her home, and the TLC team. Halison has attended The Learning Centre since June 2019 on a full scholarship. The Learning Centre has eight staff members in addition to the director. The Learning Centre also employs teachers for extra classes including French, English, homework help, music, and other activities.

Carla, can you please give us some more details about this project  ?

Through ‘Friends of Halison, we hope to rearrange the space at The Learning Centre to expand areas for specialized classes including Halison’s learning support and sport activities. We will provide classes and opportunities for Halison to learn modified sports such as basketball and table tennis, as well as music in small group classes. We will more successfully meet Halison’s additional educational needs in Braille and oral French. Right now, we have three spaces available for classes or groups at The Learning Centre, and a playground in the back garden. With the expansion, we would use a container as a storage room and free the garage of the shelves and cartons in storage (many kinds of toys, arts and crafts materials, tools, etc are necessary in a school). The garage would then become a game room with the table tennis table and foosball. The container would be converted to a storage room and an undercover area. Between the house where TLC is located and the container, we would lay a 6m x 7m cement slab with a basketball hoop. Thus the expansion would add three new areas for classes and group activities.