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VBTC is supporting the initiative launched by the Vila central Hospital (VCH) to raise funds for new incubators for the Child intensive care unit. With the increasing population of over 300,000 people demand for more space and equipment at the VCH is very high and currently they have identified the most pressing issue is the need for more incubators at the maternity ward.

According to VCH, they need around 20 new incubators and the cost for one Incubator is around 200,000vt. Last year they recorded 900 pre-mature babies who have used the incubators, that is approximately 75 babies a month. The challenge is there are only  four working incubators and three others that are partially working; needing new parts. Its a huge struggle for the hospital having to deal with huge number pre-mature babies who are at great risk of dying. It takes around one or two month for a baby to complete its incubation period but due to the challenges, fairly stable babies are removed from the incubators so the seriously ill ones can use the machine. The others are placed in a baby cot and moved to a warm corner in the Intensive care room  and from there they will complete their incubation period. There are nurses who are working tirelessly  to closely monitor the babies to make sure they are getting the right warmth like in an incubator.

We are calling to Businesses, NGO’s, organizations and groups or individuals to donate and support this fundraising initiative so VCH can afford to buy these new incubators.